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I never imagined a method so simple would change the course of my life...

Hello, my name is Cathy. 🙂 I appreciate you taking your valuable time to look into this.

Have you ever considered those small moments where one decision completely alters your life for the better?

You know those moments… where something shows up out of the blue that you were NOT expecting, and you realize there’s major purpose for helping you achieve a breakthrough?

The story I’m about to tell you represents a breakthrough that I and many other women have been seeking for years – perhaps even you too. This is exactly why I’m choosing to share it with you.

Let me give you a glimpse of my world before finding out about this, and how it ended up opening my eyes in a big way and completely changing my life.

Here’s my quick story…

For as long as I can remember I was the “large” woman in my various circles. Whether it was work, church, or anywhere in the community, it seemed I was always the one who struggled most with losing pounds and maintaining a figure.

Prior to running into my church friend Adrienne and seeing her amazing trasformation, I had been through it all: trying some of those prepared meal services, eating only salads (horrible – I was constantly hungry), and even hiring a personal trainer at a various points in time…

You name it, I’ve tried it… and at 54 years old I’ve tried a lot!

Not only did nothing ever seem to stick, I still couldn’t control my cravings at odd times of day… or night. It was beyond frustrating.


Sure, sometimes I’d have small bits of success here or there, but I could never keep the weight off permanently no matter what I did.

Plus, and I’ll admit this right here, right now: I love to eat! For me food is one of the joys of life. And sometimes I just want cake or a cookie, darnit! 🙂

The problem is I could never figure out how to keep it from going straight to my hips, thighs and… well, everywhere.

Sure, I always came across as the fat, funny one… but secretly it was destroying me on the inside.

For years I felt trapped inside my own “large” body… believing nothing would ever work for me. And because of that negative belief I made even poorer health and eating choices. It was a cycle that I didn’t know how to stop.

I’ll even admit this too: I hated who I saw in the mirror. To this day my husband has no idea just how many tears I’ve shed in private over the years about my body and weight issues.

Pensive mature woman looking down

The worst part of all? I was literally ashamed of being naked.

As humans we’re of course born naked… it’s the essence of how our lives begin. How awful it felt to be ashamed of my own human essence.

It’s not something I ever told anyone, but I’d nearly reached rock bottom before reconnecting with Adrienne. That’s why I was so shaken to the core when I saw how incredible she looked.

Adrienne always had a very similar, ahem, ‘large’ build as me. So when I saw her looking so great, I.. was.. speechless… and I’m never speechless.

Her amazing success and results gave me hope that this method might work for me too.

But I have to admit… I was SKEPTICAL. For years I had tried it all and failed. So why would this be the thing that would magically and suddenly work?

Thankfully Adrienne deeply understood this, and she helped ease all my fears. 

One thing that struck me was she immediately noticed I had a thermos of water. She pointed to it. “Just curious, do you drink out of that every day?”

“Sure do, I keep it chilled in my fridge,” I said. “I love how cool and refreshing it tastes. Um… why do you ask?” 

She kept going. “How about things besides water. Do you ever go out to get a cup of coffee, or maybe a cold drink?”

“Guilty!” I said with a laugh. “Probably several times a week or more. I can’t live without my coffee.”  

Adrienne smiled slowly. “It looks like your thermos is almost empty. Can I show you something?”, she asked. 

She took a small bottle of an odd clear liquid out of her purse. She put a small dab of the liquid on her finger, then ran it gently around the water droplets near the top of my thermos.

My eyes opened wide. There were all these weird small particles all over her finger! 

“What is THAT?” I yelled, staring at her finger in shock.

“That, my friend, is what kept me from regaining my figure for probably 20 years. And it’s keeping you from doing the same.”

Okay, now I was getting curious. She immediately pointed me to the quiz above and began to tell me about a little known method that originated in Tibet, of all places.

After explaining how she used this method to finally get her youthful body back again, I was beyond excited to learn more and give it a try.

What shocked me most about this unusual method was how simple it was to do. In a matter of days I was feeling great, had more energy, and was looking better than I had in YEARS.

Never would I have guessed that something so simple could change my outlook and my future.

In fact, from the moment I started on it, the pounds melted away right along with the struggle and upset I’d lived with for so long.


Proven - Lander image 2

It turns out the solution had nothing to do with will power and everything to do with our body chemistry – in particular one specific hormone we all have which causes our bodies to react in a way that either works for us… or works against us.

As you’ll learn like I did, making sure this hormone works properly is critical. The moment (and I do mean the very moment) this hormone finally gets unblocked by particles using a simple and specific combination of nutrients, our body immediately begins to transform and return to its most natural state. 

Since Adrienne introduced me to this method my life has completely changed.

Come to find out the weight I had carried for so long (and could never seem to lose) had nothing to do with:

🚩 How many times I went to the gym in a given week
🚩 Whether or not I prepared her food ahead for the week
🚩 How many carbs I did (or didn’t) eat
🚩 Whether or not my thyroid was working
🚩 My genetic body type and shape

The diet and fitness industry would LOVE for us to believe all that. But it’s not true… which is what I finally discovered once I took the quiz.

As soon as I started with this method my cravings suddenly disappeared, and I finally:

✔️ Slept all the way through the night I’ve never gotten up again, in fact
✔️ Stopped obsessing over my scale weight – I could feel my clothes fitting more loosely within days
✔️ Started eating normally again – HINT: sugar and carbs are not the enemy
✔️ Watched my perpetual “baby bump” shrink into a once again flat tummy – I’d prayed for years about this
✔️ Went down THREE full pants sizes – I’m wearing things that haven’t fit since I was in my late 20’s

Now, I’m not much for online quizzes. But the quiz at the top of this page proved me wrong. I’m a believer after transforming my body and my health so dramatically.

The final piece of advice Adrienne gave me that day was this:

“I ask that you do yourself a favor. Instead of binge watching your favorite show when you get home, take this time to invest in yourself and learn how to permanently flip your body’s natural health switch back on.”

I’m beyond grateful I took her advice. 

If you’re looking for the same it’s definitely worth your time… but only if you’re over the age of 40 and have struggled with your weight for some time the same way I did.

Scroll up now and answer the 4 quick questions… or if what I’ve written has spoken to you and you’re ready to learn the full story about how this unusual method was accidentally discovered in the mountains of Tibet, click below.

~ Cathy

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