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This one is important: How much water do you typically drink?

How many different diets have you tried in the past few years that haven’t lasted?

Finally, have you been LIED to and led to believe that the only way to lose weight is to exercise every day and eat as little as possible?

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Looking back, it's amazing to think that a simple quiz would change everything...

But first, I want to share a gut wrenching story about my wife’s struggle to get her body back after having our 3 kids.
It was her fourth attempt with a gym membership, and this time she even picked a new gym. Later she admitted she didn’t want her friends who somehow kept the weight off to see her going up and down the scale. 
She was preparing her food for the week and planning her meals, hoping this time it would take.
All she wanted to do was lose the weight she’d gained after becoming a mom. She never expected it to stick around for as long as it did.
Yet so many nights I’d wake up and she wasn’t next to me. I’d walk down our long staircase to the first floor and find her in the kitchen again. It broke my heart. No matter what she tried, she just couldn’t stop her nighttime cravings.

Those nighttime eating frenzies turned into missed workouts at the gym. Sure, she planned on going. But the guilt she felt after blowing her diet the night before made her give up.

I could see it in her eyes. She was worn out, depressed, and angry with herself.
What’s worse, I could feel her avoiding me. She never wanted me to hug her anymore, afraid of what I’d think of her bigger body.
The clincher happened when she took our son to karate one Saturday afternoon.
She had just bought a new dress. The color looked great on her, and she was excited to wear it for the first time.
We walked into the building with our son. On the way, we ran into some old friends of ours that we hadn’t seen in a couple years.
And out came the words no woman ever wants to hear (unless it’s true)…

“Oh wow! Are you guys expecting again? How terrific!”

That was the day my wife lost every bit of confidence she ever had. 


She ran out of that room so fast. I couldn’t find her for over an hour. Eventually I found her leaning against our car in the parking lot.

What was weird is she had a fierce look on her face. For the first time in a while, I saw the fight in her. I could tell she wasn’t gonna give up.

And I vowed to join the battle. After all, her body had given life to our three amazing kids.

So I went on a search. I was determined to help her regain the confidence and happiness she’d been so desperately wanting to get back.

A few months later I was eating lunch at a local restaurant and happened to run into a former neighbor of ours from a few years prior. My jaw hit the FLOOR when I saw her… she had lost a ton of weight and looked absolutely amazing!

I briefly explained what was going on with my wife and asked how she’d been able to make such a drastic change. She immediately pointed me to the quiz and began to tell me about a little known water-based method that originated in Malaysia, of all places.

After explaining how she used this method to end her unhealthy cravings for good and get her ideal body back again, I was beyond excited to tell my wife about it.

What shocked me about this unusual “water hack” method was how ridiculously simple it was. In a matter of days my wife was feeling great and looking better, and now she looks better than she has in YEARS.

Never would I have guessed that something so simple could change my wife’s entire future. In fact, from the moment she started on it, the pounds melted away right along with the struggle she’d had for so long.


And to think it all started with the simple quiz above. My wife never expected to feel so good so fast, and I was astounded and grateful.

Finally I was waking up with her still next to me. She was working out again – but without the obsession and fixation she always used to have.

It was amazing to hear her describe how much energy she finally had, and how much more in control she felt.

And when she went for a health checkup, it was reported that her vitals looked better than ever.

Come to find out, the weight she gained (and could never seem to lose) had nothing to do with:

🚩 How many times she went to the gym in a given week
🚩 Whether or not she prepared her food ahead for the week
🚩 How many carbs she did (or didn’t) eat
🚩 Whether or not her thyroid was working
🚩 Her genetic body type and shape

The diet and fitness industry would LOVE for you to believe all that. But it’s not true… which is what my wife finally discovered once she took the quiz.

Her cravings suddenly disappeared, and she finally:

✔️ Slept all the way through the night – she never got up again, in fact
✔️ Stopped obsessing over her scale weight – she could feel her clothes fitting more loosely every day
✔️ Started eating NORMALLY again – HINT: sugar and carbs are not the enemy
✔️ Watched her perpetual “baby bump” shrink into a once again flat tummy – she had waited years

Now, I’m not much for online quizzes. But the quiz at the top of this page proved me wrong. I’m a believer after watching my wife transform herself so dramatically.

If you’re looking for the same it’s definitely worth your time… but only if you’re over the age of 40 and have struggled with your weight for quite some time, the same way my wife did.

Scroll up now and answer the 4 quick questions… or if what I’ve written has spoken to you and you’re ready to learn the full story about how this unusual “water hack” was accidentally discovered in the forests of Malaysia, click below:

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