98.3% of Women Have No Clue This "Metabolic Reset" Method Even Exists... I sure didn't

Read my story below to find out what led to me learning about this unusual method that's simple to do at home... 🙂

I didn't even known I'd been searching for this until it found me...

Hello, my name is Susan. 🙂 I appreciate you taking your valuable time to look into this. 

First question: are you sick of the stupid quizzes? ME TOO. 

Instead of that nonsense I’m going to speak from the heart, give a quick background, and ask you the same 2 eye-opening questions my doctor asked me.

(Full disclosure: My doctor also happens to be a dear friend of mine, Cheyenne, who I’ve known for years – and whom I literally trust with my life. More on that in a moment…)

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the universe has a way of bringing things to us at the exact moment we need it most. This is why I’m choosing to share it here… 

Okay, quick background:

For as long as I can remember I was the “large” woman in my various circles.

Whether it was work, church, or anywhere in the community, it seemed I was the one who struggled most with losing pounds and maintaining a figure.

For years I felt trapped inside my “large body”… believing “it must just be genetics” and nothing would ever work for me. 

Because of my negative self-beliefs I made even poorer health and eating choices. It was a never-ending cycle I didn’t know how to stop.

Worst of all, I was ashamed of being naked… and it not only affected my own self image, but my relationship with my husband for many years.

Fast forward to this past March when the world shut down. 

I did something out of the norm for me and made a bold decision to use the time as a gift to myself – to finally invest in ME and my own well-being and get healthy once and for all. 

I’d been saying I would make a real effort for years… but now it was time for action. 

Keep in mind that at age 56 I’ve tried everything you can imagine – some of which I’m sure you’ve tried as well:

Several of those prepared meal services, joining WL groups, eating only salads (horrible – I was constantly hungry), and even hiring a personal trainer at a few points in time (always wanted to strangle them)…

Not only did nothing ever seem to stick, I still could not control my cravings at odd times of day… or night. It was beyond frustrating.


Sure, sometimes I’d have small bits of success here or there, but I could never keep the weight off permanently no matter what I did.

Plus I’ll admit this publicly right here, right now: I love to eat! 

For me food is one of the joys of life. And sometimes I just want cake or a cookie, darnit! 🙂

But… the more critical issue is what I started to experience in my late 30’s, 40’s and now 50’s: 

Far less control over binge eating – keep baked goods away from me
More trouble sleeping through the night – absolutely hate it
Feeling achy most mornings – especially my feet and joints
Everything I ate staying “on me”, and in all the wrong places – uggghhhh

Any of that sound familiar? I know… it was a hard reality to swallow for me too.

By the time I saw Cheyenne in mid-March for a routine check-up I’ll admit I was at a low point… especially considering the state of the world combined with the state of ME.

Pensive mature woman looking down

Little did I know that this particular visit would turn my life around.

Cheyenne could tell I was frustrated, and it made it even worse that she was looking trim and healthy as ever.

Most of the time our doctors look healthy, but we figure they’re supposed to because they are health professionals after all. 

Even so, I’ve always marveled at how effortless it seemed to be for her… genuinely wishing I could experience it for myself.

It was at that moment that I gathered the courage to tell my trusted friend (and doctor) that I wanted to make a big change and improve myself physically.

Her eyes opened wide. “How ready are you?”

Ha, I was not expecting that response from her. 

“I mean, super ready” I said… then started describing an entire eating and exercise regimen I had designed for myself.

Cheyenne immediately stopped me. She got up to peek outside her office as if to make sure none of her medical staff was nearby, and closed the door.

Then came the 2 questions…

“Susan, if you’re serious about making this change I have two important questions to ask you.”

Question 1: “What do you do first thing in the morning?”

“Pee?” I laughed. “I don’t know. I mean, I don’t really have a morning routine…” – she stopped me.

“Wrong. From the body’s standpoint you absolutely have a morning routine. We all do. And it’s the repetition of that routine that either works for our body, or works against it… without us even realizing it.”

I started to really think about what I do each morning when Cheyenne moved on to the next question.

Question 2: “Do you tend to be more hot, or more cold?”

I immediately laughed. “I’m usually so cold my husband asks if I was born in an igloo!”

She smiled. “And that’s the main reason you’ve struggled with your body for so long.”

“WHAT?” I responded. “Tell me more.”

She continued. “Most of my patients, both women and men, usually tend to be either too cold… or too hot. This is true for a majority of older adults, and it’s an indication that the body is not operating in its most natural state.”

Okay, now I was curious.

She began to tell me about a little known “metabolic reset” method that allows the body to re-regulate itself and undo years of what Cheyenne called “confusion of the cells”.

Biotox - Dropper Ad - lander image

What shocked me most about this unusual method was how simple it was to do. In a matter of days I was feeling great, had more energy, and was looking better than I had in YEARS.

Come to find out the weight I had carried for so long (and could never seem to lose) had nothing to do with:

🚩 How many times I went to the gym in a given week
🚩 Whether or not I prepared my food ahead for the week
🚩 How many carbs I did (or didn’t) eat
🚩 Whether or not my thyroid was working
🚩 My genetic body type and shape

The diet and fitness industry would LOVE for us to believe that, but it’s not true… which is what I finally discovered once I looked into this.

As soon as I started with this method my cravings suddenly disappeared, and I finally:

✔️ Slept all the way through the night I’ve never gotten up again 
✔️ Stopped obsessing over my scale weight – I could feel my clothes fitting more loosely within days
✔️ Started eating normally again – HINT: sugar and carbs are not the enemy
✔️ Watched my perpetual “baby bump” shrink into a once again flat tummy – I’d prayed for years about this
✔️ Went down THREE full pants sizes – I’m wearing things that haven’t fit since I was in my late 20’s

The last thing Cheyenne said to me that day was this: 

“I ask that you do yourself a favor and commit to learning about this. Your metabolism deserves to be regulated just as it was when you were younger. The moment it is, you’ll see what happens.” 

I’m beyond grateful I took her advice.

If you’re looking for the same it’s definitely worth your time… especially if you’re over the age of 40 and have ever struggled with any of the issues I mentioned here. 

Tap the green button below for an eye-opening education, and hopefully the start of a new health journey for yourself.

~ Susan

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